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CSI Studio specializes in offering tailored, hands-on services, by our team of experts that oversee all projects from concept phase through to styling. We also provide custom lighting, furniture and window furnishings to complete the package.
- Founder

Rickies' passion and vision of creating beautiful things comes from her love of travel and exploring new worlds. Through architecture, colours and landscapes she seeks inspiration that enables her to create and transform spaces.

Searching for and discovering the latest trends, materials and technologies, Rickie is able to deliver timeless experiences through design, form and function that are astounding, but more importantly, meet the dreams and visions of her clients.

- Interior Designer

Born and raised in Melbourne, Claudia has a strong passion for Design. Starting back in Primary School, Claudia always loved hearing the words ‘Art,’ ‘Drawing,’ ‘Painting,’ ‘Design,’ ‘Colour,’ and ‘Create.’ Every time Claudia would hear these words, she knew that it was time to put her crafty hat on and come up with something unique and special to herself.
Entering into High School, she knew exactly what subjects she wanted to do from the get go. Art was always her number one subject until she made her way into VCE, she came across the subject ‘Visual Communication & Design.’ As of this moment, Claudia knew her passion wasn’t just Art in itself, it was designing and styling commercial & residential buildings. Taking on a degree in Interior Design & Decoration at RMIT, Melbourne, Claudia graduated University in June 2018 with a long and proud history of studying Art and Design through her early years.

Now working as a full-time Interior Designer, Claudia has learnt many new aspects of design in the industry. Working with real clients, suppliers and builders, her passion for design has only gotten stronger, and her love for the industry is finally becoming real to herself.

- Interior Designer

At a very early age, Wendy's love for colour and design was kindled. Growing up in Broken Hill's remote outback environment, her visits to stay with family and friends exposed her to beautiful Italian and British Colonial designs as well as the luxurious items and fabrics they brought back from Italy, China, Slovenia and many other exotic places. This allowed her imagination to create mental visions of beauty and artful compositions.

As an adult Wendy fulfilled her childhood dreams to travel and explore the world and all its beauty.

She now uses all her experiences to assist people in creating their vision.

"Every person builds or renovates for different reasons, which are all personal in some way and I like to help create that safety and escape for others, as I did in my childhood for myself"

- Interior Designer

My passion for design started with fashion. After studying Fashion Design, I worked within the Melbourne “rag-trade” for many years. Various roles ranged from pattern making through to product development and production. This lasted for over 15 years… until my love for Interior Design took hold.

I found the link between fashion and Interior Design a smooth transition, with both fields using similar design elements and principles. My background in fashion gives me the creative flare to produce aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces.

Working closely with my clients allows me to create design solutions and tailor each unique project together with its existing environment. Ensuring every project is unique and tailored to suit the client’s individual needs and desires.
My personable hard working ethics and hands on approach takes each project from conceptual design and development (together with my trusted and specialized trades) through to the end.